+20 80s Hairstyles Ideas Are Back and Better Than Ever For Women

What's not to love about the '80s? It was an era of living on a prayer, cutting footloose, and rock and roll-ing all night long. The decade is synonymous with statement-making beauty looks, particularly the big, bold, and decidedly cool '80s hairstyles.

Picture Joan Jett's perpetually requested rockstar shag or Whitney Houston's fluffy spiral curls that had all the straight-haired gals lining up for poodle perms. '80s hair was so iconic, it even birthed its own genre of music: hair metal. (Its musicians had teased-to-the-heavens hair, heavy makeup, and the lowest of low-rise leather pants.)

Like all good things, these '80s hairstyles are circling back around — bigger and better than ever before. "Eighties influences are absolutely re-emerging," says Bronwen Robinson, a hairstylist in New York City who specializes in edgy, custom cuts. "These influences are trickling down from acclaimed designers and entertainment, while also trickling up from youth culture. Big hair reigns supreme on TikTok, and one look at popular streaming series' like Stranger Things shows how pervasive these references are in youth entertainment."
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