20+ Gorgeous Bandana Hairstyles You Can Try Today

If you think summer hair, you're probably thinking bandana hairstyles as one of the top choices! Bandana hairstyles have been making a comeback in the last few years, and they are all over Instagram. That inspired us to create a little list of the most gorgeous creations for your hair.

Honestly, you would be surprised by the variation on how to style bandanas from super casual, beach outfits to a sophisticated office look. The bandana is so versatile, available in so many colors and shapes, that the options for creating unique hairstyles are nearly limitless.

Moreover, this trendy accessory could be worn not only on your hair, but as a bright accent on your handbag, tied on your wrist, and neck, plus as a top, or a belt if the scarf is a bigger size.

In other words, bandana hairstyles are here to stay, and look gorgeous on just about any hair length and hair texture – so why not recreating these yourself?

From joyful curls to shiny sleek hairstyles. Wear it on your happy pixie cut, with your bangs, as a hair tie, with your stylish bob, or braid it into your French braids, wear it on your low ponytail and more. There are so many cool ideas.

Below is a video with a few hairstyles to inspire you and help you craft this at home with no trouble, followed by our list of the best bandana hairstyles.
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